One of the more reclusive and unknown groups in the Draconic Ruins Realm.[1] They came to power after gaining control of the Godslayer artifact, the Myriad Ancestor Sword.[2]

The Goddess Jin Yan sacrificed her body to form this land, making it the only place with the power to withstand the Sage Emperor.[3][4] It is here that millions of years ago, experts like Xiao Yu's Father and Ancestral Master Daozang sealed the Sage Emperor's Demonic Bone.[4] This greatly limited the Sage Emperor's power. He can only use a clone which possesses a tenth of his true power. Giving them hope that he could be stopped in the future.[5]

After the Myriad Ancestor Sword was separated into seven pieces during a great battle, the Ancestral God Land kept one section and gave each of the six divine sects one of the others.[2]

Alternate Life

In the last life Long Tianming obtained the only nomination to go to the Ancestral God Land from the Divine Feathers Sect right before the sect broke apart.[6]

For some unknown reason the Holy Maiden of the Ancestral God Land suddenly disappeared and the entire land was burned to the ground by golden flames.[3] After this happened the Sage Emperor of the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land was able to recover his Demonic Bone and began to recover his power.[5]

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