Black Water Slug

Manhua Chapter 126 p.1

The Black Water Armyworm, a black gold rank demon beast, is an extremely horrifying species that lives in muddy areas. Over ninety percent of its body is made of a black and extremely toxic liquid. It’s vitality is also very tenacious. Even if it’s been mummified with decades of time, as long as there is a drop of liquid remaining in his body, it would be able to resurrect itself.[1]

The Black Water Armyworm is one of the many demon beasts that Ye Zong fought in the Tai Yi Killing Array. This demon spirit originally came from the City Lord’s Mansion, and since it would require at least a legend rank expert to kill it. It’s highly possible that it was left behind by one of the ancestors. The Black Water Armyworm is simply impossible to be subdued by any Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Even if it’s subdued, it’s impossible to control its characteristics, so in all these years there has never been a demon spiritualist to integrate with it.[1]

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