Blaze Void Warring Hierarch
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Tribe Demon Beasts [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Demon God Sect Grand Elder [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank 5 Martial Ancestor Realm [1]
Home Draconic Ruins Realm [1]
Sect Demon God Sect [1]
Light Novel Chapter 449 - Demon God's Sect

Note: Also referred to as "Flame Void Warring Hierarch."

Blaze Void Warring Hierarch is a 5 stage Martial Ancestor Realm Grand Elder of the Demon God Sect in the Draconic Ruins Realm. In the sect, his influence is ranked just below that of the sect master, Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch.[1]

He was there when Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch learned about the rise in experts among the divine sects and their ties to the Tiny World. He supported the sect master's decision to investigate further, sending Xuan Mei to look into it.[1]