Blood Burst Magic Bottle

Blood Burst Magic Bottle

Manhua Chapter 150 p.1

Also called "Blood Burst Demonic Bottle."

These are created by containing the fresh blood of a demon beast in a bottle and carving an inscription pattern on it. Once it is tossed out, it would instantly cause a large explosion. It is highly lethal and effective on demon beasts below gold rank.[1] Just as with all inscription patterns, the demons blood within the bottle powers it.[2]

Nie Li and his friends used these to fight off the swarms of Scarlet Ghosts that attacked in the Abyss Prison Realm.[1]

During the Demon Beast Horde attack, Nie Li has the Alchemy Association make thousands of Blood Burst Magic Bottles. When the demon beasts pull back to start throwing stones at the city walls Nie Li has the bottle attached to the bolts on the large crossbows. When the demon beasts come within range to throw the bolder they would shoot the bolts at them. Not only would the large explosion directly kill a few of the demon beasts, but it also could ignite the victim's blood causing a string of explosions.[2]