The Celestial Armour is a Grade 4 Artifact that Nie Li received as a reward for placing third of the Saint Soul Board. It has a breastplate with a powerful defensive capability, so that an ordinary expert would never be able to penetrate it. It also has that ability to protect a person's Fate Soul from dispersing, thus creating a chance to escape. Back in the Tiny World, after the Demon Lord’s limbs were chopped off, he’d managed to escape using a Grade 3 artifact that guarded his Fate Soul in a similar way.[1]

An ordinary 5-fate Heavenly Fate Realm expert would find it difficult to penetrate the Grade 4 Celestial Armour. But that’s only if his opponent doesn’t have a high-grade offensive artifact.[1]

The Grade 4 artifact was so precious that you’d only encounter such a thing by extremely sheer luck; it would be next to impossible to find such a thing, even if you were looking for it. It priced for at least ten thousand spiritual stones, probably more. To ordinary cultivators, ten thousand spiritual stones was an unimaginably vast fortune.[1]

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