Celestial Treasure Pavilion
Location Information
Domain Draconic Ruins Realm
Realm Main World
Region Divine Feathers Sect
Settlement Mingshan Stronghold

The Celestial Treasure Pavilion is the largest Artifacts trading company in the Mingshan Stronghold of the Divine Feathers Sect.[1] Like most trading houses they purchase their artifacts from the Gods Craft Pavilion for a set price.[2] They only carry grade 6 or below and higher grade artifacts must be bought directly from the Gods Craft Pavilion.[3]

While visiting the Mingshan Stronghold, Nie Li, Lu Piao, Li Xingyun, and Gu Bei decided to visit the Celestial Treasure Pavilion. Nie Li now had more then enough Spiritual Stones and directly asked to see their highest grade items. These grade 5 and 6 artifacts are kept in the deepest vault of the Celestial Treasure Pavilion, in a secret room, where many powerful experts are concealed to guard them.[1]

In the end, Nie Li ended up spending over 600,000 spiritual stones buying four grade 6 armors and three grade six weapons. These included the: