Chen Zhenlong

Chen Zhenlong

Manhua Chapter 134 p.1

Character Information
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Divine Family Patriarch [1]
Soul Properties
Home Glory City [1]
Family Divine

Chen Linjian (son)
Light Novel Chapter 120 – A pretty good young man
Manhua Chapter 134 - Reinforcements Arrive (part 1)

The patriarch of the Divine Family. Though it is never directly stated, Chen Linjian is most likely Chen Zhenlong's son. He is extremely loyal to Glory City and the Snow Wind Family. When he sees the City Lord's Mansion is under attack by the Dark Guild he does not hesitate to send them reinforcements.[2]

He is most likely one of the powerful patriarchs that are on the southern wall during the Demon Beast Horde and witness the defensive measures that Nie Li implemented.

He also was one of the experts of Glory City that was at the meeting at the City Lord’s Mansion. Though he was quietly observing for most of the night, he surprised everyone by announcing that he had a letter from Ye Zong directing him to stop any members of the Sacred Family from leaving. However, Shen Hong continues to play the victim and swears that his family has always been loyal. When he receives a message that his and the Dark Guild's base have been attacked he announces that the Snow Wind Family is working with the Dark Guild and attacking everyone's families, causing the other patriarchs to hesitate from joining against them.[3]

He is a witness to the events that occurred during the fight, including: the Sacred Family's use of the Dark Guild's Shadow Devil summoning technique, Ye Xiu's summoning of the Snow Wind Spiritual God, the arrival of Gui Sha and his near legend rank strength, Ye Zong reaching legend rank, Shen Hong's death, and the unfathomable power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.[4][5][6][7][8]