Chu Ning

Chu Ning

Manhua Chapter 72

Chinese 楚宁
Character Information
Age 30 [1]
Gender Male [1]
Personality proud
Profession Alchemy Association Apprentice [1]
Soul Properties
Family Chu

Chu Yuan (cousin)

Light Novel Chapter 43 – Alchemy Master?
Manhua Chapter 72 – Primary Alchemist Master Exam

A member of the noble Chu family. He is a member of the Alchemy Association and has attempted to pass the master test three times. He has a very prideful nature.[3] He has failed the test each of the times, never getting more then 60% correct or even finishing all the questions in the time allotted. He even planned on cheating, but was unable to.[4]

Trivia and Quotes

"Conceited brat! If you got even ten percent of the questions correct, I’ll immediately strip myself and run around the whole Glory City three rounds!” - Chu Ning to Nie Li, Chapter 44

“Hmph, so what? I, Chu Ning, will definitely become an Alchemy Master. You still reek of your mother’s milk, get lost. This is the exam for Alchemy Masters, not a place for you to be playing at!” - Chu Ning to Nie Li, Chapter 43