Cultivation Hall
Location Information
Domain Draconic Ruins Realm
Realm Main World
Region Divine Feathers Sect
Settlement Skysoul Institute

The Cultivation Hall is a location in the Skysoul Institute of the Divine Feathers Sect. This is the place where missions are assigned. After students complete their missions, they would return here to receive their spiritual stones, artifacts, and various other rewards.[1]

The walls of the hall are covered in paper listing missions that can be taken on and what their reward is when completed. The first mission that Nie Li took on when arriving at the Institute was to heal Gu Lan of her illness for a thousand spiritual stones.[1]

Types of missions:

  • hunting for a particular demon spirit - Since the demon spirit needs to have at least an Extraordinary growth rate in order to get the rewards, these missions are quite difficult.
  • forging weapons
  • collecting materials
  • healing people that are injured