A spiritual god that cultivates the law of death.[1]

Forms the Law of Death can take:

  • bone armour and weapons[2]
  • energy/stone hands[1]
  • ropes that can absorb another's energy[1]
  • black ravens[3]
  • bone walls[4]

Previous Spiritual God

The Death God fought with the Lord of Nether in the past and was defeated. Just as with Yu Yan he was able to seal himself and start to reform his Divine Spark. In this case he was able to form a tomb as his body, allowing him to absorb the strong aura of death in the Nine-Layered Deathlands.[1]

Nie Li was tricked, along with Xiao Yu, and many other Demigod rank experts into entering the tomb where the Death God planned to adsorb their power using tethers called Ropes of Origin.[1] However, Nie Li's strong comprehension allowed him to grasp the law of death from the Death God and kill him.[2]

Current Spiritual God

Currently there is no Death Spiritual God. Even though Nie Li has control over the law of death, since his current cultivation is still insignificant and he has yet to form a divine spark, he is still not a Spiritual God.[2]

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