The Demon League is one of the many Leagues at the Skysoul Institute's. It was founded by Nie Li and usually under direct control of Lu Piao and Gu Bei. Their membership grew at an astounding rate because of the high benefits received by those that join.[1]

Initially, they would get between 20 - 40 Spiritual Stones a month depending on their Spiritual Root. They also would get a suitable Cultivation Technique that could help them reach the Martial Ancestor Realm. If members reach the Heavenly Star Realm, they get a Grade 3 Artifact. Those that reach the Heavenly Axis Realm, get a Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit with an Excellent or Extraordinary Level growth rate.[1]

With such benefits, the Demon League accumulated 600 members in just the first day.[2] Within only a few short months they had already amassed over 3000 members.[3].

Known Members:

Name Position Notes
Nie Li Founder / Captain
Gu Bei Captain
Lu Piao Captain
Heng Yan Team leader Assimilated along with the ancient Jade League[3]
Gu Teng Works under Gu Bei

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