Previously named the "God Infernal Family."

One of the thirteen families that escaped from the demon beast riot that started the Age of Darkness by entering the Abyss Prison Realm inside the Ten Millennium Spatial Array. They are one of the three most powerful families in this dark space since they have a legend rank fighter. They are also considered the most noble of the families as they regularly unite the others against the Silver Winged Family.[1]

This family is trusted by the others to run the trading town, which is a type of neutral zone for everyone.[1] They also have a seven story Divine Flames Store in the town which is run by family members.[2]

Name Family Position Notes
Li Fu Shopkeeper of the Divine Flames store in the trading town.[2]
Li Heng Direct Descendant Teenage young master that approaches Nie Li on the seventh floor of the Divine Flames store.[2]
Li Xiao Patriarch, Li Heng's father Legend rank fighter.

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