East District
Location Information
Domain Draconic Ruins Realm
Realm Main World
Region Divine Feathers Sect
Settlement Skysoul Institute

This is one of the five districts in the Skysoul Institute of the Divine Feathers Sect.[1]

Those In the east district are students that have demonstrated great skill and ability in the west district.[2] There are about six hundred students and are ranked according to their ability. In order to advance in the rankings, a student must challenge and defeat those ranked higher then them. Incoming students are required to challenge their seniors to remind themselves that there’s always someone stronger. They may challenge up to five times and usually choose the weakest on the rankings.[3]

Nie Li, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, Long Yuyin, and Xue Yu are those chosen for their class to move from the west to the east district. Xiao Yu is also among those chosen in his class.[3]

The top ten in the rankings have the chance of moving to the Central District. If the students are still in the east district when they reach the Heavenly Star Realm, they then become inner disciples of the Sect.[3]


Name Rank
Li Xingyun 78
Guo Huai
Ye Chong
Murong Yu 132