This is a type of elixir that is refined using alchemy. Like most of Glory City's elixirs many of these are lost during the Age of Darkness. When Nie Li joins the Alchemy Association he starts to give them some of these lost formulas.[1]

Types of Enhancing Pills:

  • Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill - This helps defend against snow and ice attacks. Since most of the demon beasts in the St. Ancestral Mountains are the are Snow Wind Type this will prove very useful.[1]
  • Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill - This greatly enhance the demon spirit’s strength, however it also causes long term damage towards the Demon Spirit.[2]
  • Demon Soul’s Essence Elixir - An extremely rare item that can be used to refine a demon spirit. It is also one of the prizes given to the person who has the top spot on the Saint Soul Ground's Saint Soul Board at the yearly competition.[3]

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