According to the legends, there are ten Evil Warding Jade Strips Artifacts, created by the First Ancestor of the human clans and scattered throughout the worlds. Each strip contains thirty-six thousand inscription pattern incantations, each of which has a different use. Once in awhile, one of the strips would turn up somewhere and thus would begin an intense battle for ownership.[1]

Most of the inscription patterns were used to suppress the demon clans. For example, the Evil Warding Jade Strip could be activated to suppress the aura of an enemy demon by at least thirty percent. He could also inject his demon opponent with the strip’s inscription pattern incantations, which could then suppress the demon’s bloodline. Those were only a few examples. There were many, many more uses to the Evil Warding Jade Strip; even the ancient records didn’t know all of them.[1]

Nie Li discovers one of these jade strips, with the image of a mysterious demon spirit engraved upon it, in an inscription pattern locked chest inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.[1] After establishing a connection with it, his own cultivation advances to 8 Fate Heavenly Fate Realm just from the Heavenly Energy stored inside. He is also able to use its suppressing ability against his own demon spirits. This allowed him to push their cultivation beyond his own, a situation that would normally lead to them breaking free of his control.[2]