Fox Bear 2

Manhua Chapter 42

Fox Bear

Manhua Chapter 42

A silver rank demon beast that can reach one to two meters in height, with two inch long grey colored fur, a sensitive sense of smell, and lives in groups. The Fox Bear spends the coldest three fifths of the year hibernating in a cave. During early summer they start to come out of the caves to hunt in the forest.[1]

When on their way to Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Chen Linjian and his group came across a Fox Bear nest. Though the nest was old, Nie Li noticed that there was fresh urine which the demon beast uses to mark its territory. It was early summer, so the Fox Bear had started to wake up from their hibernation. Because of his advice, they left the area, avoiding a potentially life threatening situation. [1]

Alternate Life

In the previous life Ye Ziyun told Nie Li that the group was attacked by Fox Bears on the way to the ruins and that several people died.[1]

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