Giant Blue Armed Ape

Blue Armed Ape

Manhua Chapter 52

Giant Blue Armed Ape - Spiritual Grade

Manhua Chapter 54

Giant Blue Armed Ape Donghua

Donghua Episode 29

Giant Blue Armed Ape Donghua - Spiritual Grade

Donghua Episode 30

A very intelligent demon beast, they hunt in packs. They are described as being agile with thick front arms. [1] However, they have a particular weakness to Purple Haze Grass, it is actually highly toxic to them.[2]

During Nie Li's trip to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins with Ye Ziyun and Chen Linjian's group they were attacked by a group of Giant Blue Armed Apes. The leader of which was a 5 star silver spiritual grade ape.[2] With only a single attack it immediately killed a 2 star Silver rank follower of Chen Linjian.[3]

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