Gong Liangshu

Gong Liangshu 2

Manhua Chapter 131 p.2

Gong Liangshu

Manhua Chapter 131 p.1

Character Information
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 3 Star Black Gold [1]
Demon Spirit/s Blood Alligator [1]
Light Novel Chapter 118 – Fooling the enemy!
Manhua Chapter 131 - The Black-Gold Demon Spiritualists Face Off (part 1)

One of the top ten experts in Glory City, he is at least a 3 Star black gold demon spiritualist. He has also integrated with a Blood Alligator.[2]

During the attack on the City Lord's Mansion, Gong Liangshu and three black gold rank fighters came across a 1 Star Black Gold Demon Spiritualist from the Dark Guild that had a Snow Wind Corpse Worm demon spirit. He was easily able to over power the opponent, and was about to capture him, when another Dark Guild member attacked him by surprise.[2]

The surprise attack came from at least a demon spiritualist that was as strong as him and was integrated with the . Though the attacker only made a brief attack and then escaped, it was enough to kill one of his three black gold fighter companions and allow the Snow Wind Corpse Worm Dark Guild member to escape.

Gong Liangshu later arrives at the Tai Yi Killing Array after Nie Li defeats the Meerkat Dark Guild member and takes him to the City Lord Mansion's prison.[3]

Alternate Life

Nie Li witnessed his death during the demon beast attack on Glory City.

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