A special technique that can be used to "calculate" a bit of the future.[1]

When Emperor Kong Ming broke through to legend rank he gained some insight to the martial path and decided to leave these profound words on a monument in the Ten Millennium Spatial Array. These words were later scraped off by the one that calls himself the Demon Lord. Nie Li was still able to learn this chant by reading the memories left behind in the monument and gained profound insight from them.[1]

In these memories he heard Kong Ming declare that he used the Great Change Heavenly Calculation Technique to foresee if anyone would be able to inherit from his gift. He claimed that five great cultivators would gain some insight from the ten word chant. The five would then fight and kill each other in order to devour the others insight, with the survivor coming to visit Emperor Kong Ming himself. If this is true then Nie Li is one of these five.[1]

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