Gu Bing
Character Information
Age young adult [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 3 Heavenly Fate [1]
Demon Spirit/s Scarlet-Titanic Flame Bear [1]
Home Draconic Ruins Realm [1]
Family Gu Clan [1]
Sect Divine Feathers Sect [1]
Light Novel Chapter 326 – Dragon Bone Winged Tiger

Gu Bing is a young member of the Gu Clan and one of Gu Heng's followers. He is at the sparring matches held during the visit by the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects and is directed to fight with Gu Bei. By this point Gu Bei had already demonstrated unexpected strength in his fights with Gu Kuan and Gu Yun, so Gu Bing immediately merged with his god level growth rate Scarlet-Titanic Flame Bear.[1]

However, Gu Bei merged with his own Demon Spirit, a towering god level dragon bloodline Dragon Bone Winged Tiger. He then directly slammed Gu Bing into the ground, knocking him out.[2]

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