Gu Yu
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Gu Clan Third Elder [1]
Soul Properties
Home Draconic Ruins Realm [1]
Family Gu Clan [1]
Sect Divine Feathers Sect [1]
Students Gu Heng [2]
Light Novel Chapter 327 – Successor’s Position

Note: At one point he is referred to as "Gu Yuntian"[2] at another he was called "Gu Tianyun."[3] Since it is unclear which is correct, I will leave it as is for now.

Gu Yu is the Gu Clan's third elder and a supporter of Gu Heng's to be the next patriarch.[1] It is later revealed that he is Gu Heng's master.[2]

After Gu Bei revealed his hidden strength and god level dragon bloodline Demon Spirit, the clan's first elder, Gu Ya called an emergency meeting of the elders. Gu Tianlong heard about what happened and asked for the opinion of the elders as to what to do. Gu Yu declared that Gu Bei should be punished for breaking clan rules, while Gu Yan wanted to support Gu Bei. Gu Ya also reminded Gu Yu that Gu Heng had also broken some clan rules. This made him worry that the truth about Gu Heng poisoning Gu Lan had been discovered.[1]

In the end, Gu Tianlong declared that Gu Bei will now be the first in-line successor. Though this was a little premature and surprised everyone, they agreed after he said that Gu Heng's character is dishonorable. This was his way of warning Gu Heng, that his underhanded method of poisoning Gu Lan had been discovered.[1]

After many months of fighting between Gu Heng and Gu Bei and meeting is called to discusses the destruction of Gu Heng's Deity’s Lakes by Gu Bei. Since lakes had always been stolen before, never destroyed, this was a unique situation. After listening to both Gu Heng and Gu Bei's sides of the conflict, Gu Tianlong asked for the elder's opinions. Since Gu Yu was known to be Gu Heng's master and supporter, he decided to not say much except to say that destroying Diety's Lake should be strongly punished as they are too rare to begin with.[2]

However, things quickly moved against Gu Heng, as two of the elders that had long supported him, Gu Bai and Gu Feng, switched sides. It was now clear to Gu Yu that Gu Heng no longer had a chance of claiming the Gu Clan patriarch position. Gu Bei was still fined 1.5 million spiritual stones for destroying the Deity's Lake, however Gu Heng was severely punished with thirty years "facing the wall" (reflect on his actions) for his dishonorable actions.[4] Though Gu Yu tried to talk up for him, in the end there was nothing he could do.[3]

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