Huyan Ming

Huyan Ming

Manhua Chapter 73

Chinese 呼延明
Character Information
Age 50-60 [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Alchemy Association Primary Master [1]
Soul Properties
Family Huyan [1]
Friends Mu Yang
Light Novel Chapter 43 – Alchemy Master?
Manhua Chapter 72 - Primary Alchemist Master Exam

Note: Previously the translations had his name written as Hu Yan Ming.

Huyan Ming is most likely a member of the noble Huyan Family. Along with Mu Yang, he is also one of the primary masters at the Alchemy Association that administered Nie Li's master alchemist exam.[1] He was amazed by Nie Li's talent and went to the president, Gu Yan, with Mu Yang to request that Nie Li be allowed to join the Alchemy Association immediately.[2]