Jin Yan
Chinese 金焱
Character Information
Age 16 - 17 [1]
Tribe Human
Gender Male [1]
Profession Skysoul Institute Genius Class [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritual Root ? Grade Heaven [1]
Spiritualist Rank Most Likely Legend [2]
Home Draconic Ruins Realm [1]
Family Jin Clan

Ashen Flames Family

Sect Divine Feathers Sect [1]
Rival Long Yuyin
Light Novel Chapter 270 – Venerable Redsoul

One of the other students in the 1st year Genius class at the Skysoul Institute of the Divine Feathers Sect. He is a member of the powerful Ashen Flames Family, also called the Jin Clan. He is the first to greet Nie Li and Lu Piao when they arrive in the classroom on the first day. He had already heard about them as the rumors about two new students with heaven-defying Spiritual Roots had quickly spread. He immediately tries to invite them to visit his clan in the hopes of recruiting them, but Nie Li just brushes him off. This is an insult to Jin Yan and has already put them at odds.[1] When Venerable Redsoul instructs the class to attempt to form Spiritual Flames, Jin Yan is one of the few in the class able to ignite them. He was only able to form a pea sized flame though.[4]

The next day Jin Yan was frustrated to learn the Nie Li surpassed him on the Saint Soul Grounds ranking board and immediately headed over there to compete. He had long accepted that he could not defeat Long Yuyin, but he was not willing to accept that there was another in his class that could defeat him.[2] When he entered the Saint Soul Grounds he found that Long Yuyin had also rushed over, so he stepped to the side in order to first see how she would deal with Nie Li.[5]

He was there and could only witness the competition between Nie Li and Long Yuyin from the 119th step. He did not believe that Nie Li had any chance of defeated Long Yuyin if he could not.[6] He was there when Nie Li defeated and humiliated Long Yuyin.[7]

During the next class, Venerable Redsoul directs them to take weighted armgurads for body strengthening training. He was barely able to handle the 500kg ones.[8] He was there to witness Long Yuyin challenge Nie Li in a battle of physical strength and was further disheartened when Nie Li was able to not only stand his own, but even defeat her.[9]

Jin Yan takes solace in the fact that Nie Li has no power backing him, making it difficult to find extraordinary growth rate dragon bloodline demon spirits. His own family has long had one such powerful demon spirit prepared for him when he reaches the Heavenly Fate Realm.[10]