Kong Yan
Character Information
Age 10,000 (deceased) [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Above Legend [1]
Light Novel Chapter 252 – Soul

While on the sixth floor of the Black Infernal Tower on the eighth layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands during the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection Nie Li is attacked by the fractured soul of Kong Yan. Kong Yan recognizes the profound chant of Emperor Kong Ming and is likely one of the five inheritors he foresaw. It is likely that Kong Yan was one of the experts that fought over the Black Infernal Tower when it was formed.[1]

Kong Yan attempts to possess Nie Li by invading his Soul Realm, however Nie Li was able to fight him off using his three law energies, two demon spirits, and extra power from the Soul Array. Even though the fragmented soul was more powerful then Nie Li and held the upperhand, Nie Li was able ward it off with his high level of Soul Force control. Nie Li then bound the remnant soul with the vine in his soul realm. When he did, Kong Yan's energy was quickly absorbed and his soul was severely weakened. Having no way of fighting off this strange thing in his soul realm, Kong Yan attempted to flee. However, Nie Li materialized his soul realm and chased after him.[1]

Because Nie Li's vine had done such damage to him, Kong Yan had no other choice then to possess Yu Yan, who was close by observing. Even though she was able to fight him off, her soul was still partly shattered and weaker then what it was in the past. This allowed Kong Yan to successfully reach her soul realm and begin to devour what was left of her soul. As she neared death, her long forgotten human memories started to resurface. Just as she was about to lose her soul completely, a powerful golden flame ignited in her soul, burning Kong Yan to nothingness.[2]

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