Li Heng

Li Heng

Manhua Chapter 166 p.1

Chinese 李恒
Character Information
Age Teenage [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Home Abyss Prison Realm (former)

Glory City

Family Divine Flames

Li Xiao (father)
Light Novel Chapter 150 - Inscription Scrolls
Manhua Chapter 166 - Flying Knives (part 1)

A member of the Divine Flames Family and one of the shopkeepers in the Divine Flames store. He is a direct descendant of his family and one of the many candidates in line to be the next patriarch. He meets Nie Li on the seventh floor, where he attempts to give Nie Li a set of seven legend rank Forbidden Technique scrolls that he believes are too damaged to use. Nie Li refuses the gift, as he would owe Li Heng, and instead offers one bottle of Soul Temper Pills.[3]

Nie Li then discovers the Sparkling Flying Knife Set, which would be ideal for him as it is made out of Divine Crystal and can only be wielded by someone who is attributeless. He negotiates a trade of 50 bottles of Soul Temper Pills and 90 bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills.[3]

He was present, months later at the Alliance meeting, where he met Nie Li again and witnessed Sikong Yi's defeat at Duan Jian's hands.[4] After the fight he approached Nie Li and asked him to visit his Divine Flames Family. Instead Nie Li said that he had something to do, but that he will send back someone to discuss how they can leave the Abyss Prison Realm.[5]