Luo Ming
Chinese 罗鸣
Character Information
Age Middle Age [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Legend [1]
Home Nether Realm [1]
Family Jade Seal Family [1]
Light Novel Chapter 207 – Ye Mo

A member of the Jade Seal Family that has reached Legend rank. When Nie Li decides to leave the Nether Realm, Luo Xiao asked Luo Ming and two other legend rank experts to guard him.[2] Though he does not understand why the patriarch is putting so much importance on Nie Li, he does not question and simply follows his orders.[1]

He was shocked to learn about Glory City and excited with the idea that humans could still survive on the surface.[1] When the Wugui Family attacked he and the other two legend rank members of the Jade Seal Family did not join in the battle as it would reveal to the Wugui family that they had allied with Glory City and could result in a larger counter attack.[3]

After a few more days Nie Li gathered his friends and Lou Ming, along with the other two legend rank experts, to head back towards the Nether Realm.[4] When the group had almost reached the entrance of the Nether Realm, Luqian Sha and Luqian Mo, appeared. They are the two high level legend rank demon beasts that have spent the last 10,000 years guarding over Yu Yan in the Black Spring. After finally finding her they plan to killing her. Nie Li and Yu Yan start to fight Luqian Sha while Duan Jian and Luo Ming fight Luqian Mo.[5]

Nie Li shocks everyone when he is able to kill such frighteningly high level Demon Beasts with his Draconic Bombs.[6]