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  • do you know about 'The road of Du Ze' and 'Next Legend', is it related?

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  • Why aren't you making a legit Anime of TDG at a bigger production house? There are multiple production​ house who will be willing to make a better anime series of TDG than what you are currently making. Sorry for my rudeness but the looks, texture and presentation of the anime of TDG is far more worse than the manhua. Please consider making the anime at a production house as TDG have a huge no. of fans and it is currently ranked 2nd in MangaFox site as well as under top 30 in KISSMANGA.

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    • I completely agree with you! I am not associated in anyway with the LN, Manhua, or Doughua. I am a fan, just like you. I got into the series when Thyearia first started to translate the Light Novel and built the wikia because of my love of the series, never expecting it to get as big as it did. I have never earned a single cent for all my work and am only a dedicated fan.

      I agree that Doughua is pathetic! The problem is that the series is Chinese, so the way they treat their animated series are very different then in Japan. Your best bet is to contact the author from the email in the top right of the wikia's home page ( You might do better if you can get your message translated into Chinese.

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    according to nettox.... he will upload the chapter 128 (spanish) if his comment get over 700 likes xD..... i saw 507 likes last time..... if you can help..... i could watch another chapter xD

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  • these guys are fun subbing I guess 

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  • Hello Sith. I apologise if it comes out as rude, but I have been serching for some fanfiction on tales of demons and gods. However aside from the one losted in the forum I am unable to find any.

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  • The total amount of times i felt the plot line was Moving in an awkward direction was 2 times.

    and by awkward direction, i mean the Timing  and how fast everything was progressing.

    and  maybe 1 more thing, but i already forgot what that was.

    sorry for not being splicit.enough.

    i Felt this Wrong feeling with the Speed of the plotline After the tournement against the alchemy association and sacred family Ended.

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  • i wrote a very relevant  post at least to me. i wanted to share my thoughts  and when i pressed "post" 

    my entire message was deleted and told me i had to register to post.

    i didn't mind going through the proccess first, but why did this website had to punish me by erasing a whole meaningful post i just wrote in half an hour just to see that after finishing the registration the post i wrote was lost for good -_-

    anyway, leaving the melancholy aside, Hello ! this post will be less compelling  since i forgot everything i wrote already.

    long story short i love tales of demons and gods, but i'm worried there's not enough material to make the serealization of this manga successful. Why ? i already wrote all that and lost it thanks to website mechanics and my own carelessness.

    i forgot.

    the novel is Great!

    the manga is Good

    the animation won't have enough material to be good.

    most cliche mangas have the tendency to finish  a season and do the sequel of the anime after the Big tournament is over following the flow of time on the plot and their happenings.

    i Will be happy to be Wrong.but i think the second season of this series of the animation will start after the tournament.

    i think season number 2 will be the downfall of the success of tales of demons and gods [ by the way did i already said that i'm a fan that loves this manga ? ]

    i Am delighted with the news of this novel  already confirming an anime, but i don't think it's ready.

    the release of content  for the manga is Frightening Slow. so slow i don't think there's enough content . and the wait for second season will not make it any easier on the franchise.

    and  if i am wrong, and this manga is released with a plan of 12 episodes and on episode 6 the tournement occurs. then i'll be even more afraid of it's success. 

    the Flow of Time between the events that happened After The tournement...... i felt something wrong in my heart when i read it.

    it was interesting, but i felt it could be More interesting, i'm concern with how fast the plot was moving after the tournament of nie li being victorios against the sacred family.

    i it felt as if the World inside this novel Became Small, like a frog in a Well looking at the small sky.

    i'm not a professional, i'm not someone to be a good critic or anything, i'm just letting my own thoughts be read . i wrote this simply because i wanted to tell the creator of this manga my thoughts. i'm not trying to start an argument or a debate whether i'm saying something valid or not. 

    i like this manga a lot! i hope for it's success, i was a lucky fan who got to read this manga from the moment chapter 1 came out on the internet.

    i noticed that after this manga was created a lot of Other  mangakas started making their own stories about main characters being born a second time. 

    i like to think that it was because of this Manga , that this movement started. This manga + maybe Undertale too.

    "fyi: i still have to read the novel, i only read like 4 chapters of the whole novel , it was the chapters of the fight of nie li against the sacred family on the tournement to win the bet to make the sacred family look like a fool.  it was great."

    i like to think that this manga is original, and  i want it to stay that way, at least i'm talking about that feeling of excitement i felt with the First chapters of the manga when i Saw it/read it. 

    Fan of tales of demons and gods, Thank you for reading, let's have a great life !

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