Minion 3

Minion 3

Manhua Chapter 132 p.1

Character Information
Age (deceased)
Gender Male [1]
Profession Dark Guild member [2]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 2 Star Black Gold [3]
Demon Spirit/s Meerkat [2]
Light Novel Chapter 117 – Abyss Demon
Manhua Manhua Chapter 129 - Applying Medicine (part 2)

An unnamed member of the Dark Guild. He was one of the seven assassins that infiltrated the City Lord’s Mansion. Their mission was to investigate and destroy the Tai Yi Killing Array as well as capture Nie Li while the Abyss Demon summoning causes a distraction.[1]

He was the first to find Nie Li and attempt to capture him. However Nie Li was able to turn the tables on him by leading him to the Tai Yi Killing Array. After he was captured he attempted to escape by using the Berserker’s Heart Special Technique but fails.[4] He is killed when his Soul Shackles are activated.[5]