Mo Ya
Chinese 莫涯
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank Legend [1]
Home Abyss Prison Realm (former)

Glory City

Family Ash Wolvess [1]
Light Novel Chapter 217 - Alliance Leader’s Position

The patriarch of the Ash Wolves Family. He is a legend rank fighter and one of the strongest experts in the Abyss Prison Realm.[1]

After the Silver Winged Family suffered some set backs, many of the other families were suppressing them. In response Sikong Yi somehow raised his strength and demanded a meeting of the Alliance leaders. He told them that he would lead the thirteen families out of the Abyss Prison Realm if they elected him as the new Alliance leader.[1] He also demanded that two other legend rank fighters, Mo Ya and Li Xiao, take the Abyss Essence Pill.[3]

They both immediately refuse and instead join forces in attacking Sikong Yi, however after several hours of fighting it becomes clear that they are no match for him. Just as Sikong Yi was set to kill them Duan Jian appeared and declared that he would kill him. This shocked the patriarchs as they did not know from where such a strong young man came from.[3]