This is the cultivation technique that is used by both Ming Fei and Xiao Yu. Its tyrannical nature makes it just as formidable as the techniques that Nie Li gave to Du Ze and Lu Piao. However, Xiao Yu and the Nether Master’s Myriad Dragonroars are only a portion of the original. The reason why Xiao Yu had remained in the Earth Fate Realm for so long was because it lacked these parts.[1]

One of the abilities of this technique is that it can conceal one’s cultivation status, making it undetectable by others.[2]

When Xiao Yu was in the Earth Fate Realm, his cultivation had always been suppressed; but the moment he made a breakthrough and stepped into the Heavenly Fate Realm, the Myriad Dragonroars cultivation technique finally revealed its frightening might and raised Xiao Yu’s cultivation by leaps and bounds.[3]

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