The Netherlamp Behemoth is a gigantic gold rank demon beast. It is rather slow so instead it hunts by tricking others into coming closer. On it’s forehead hangs a lamp that it uses lure its prey. When something gets close to it, it’ll suddenly open its mouth and completely swallow them. It’s sharp teeth can easily crush a rock.[1]

The demon beasts hides in the darkness and strikes out with its thousands of long tongues, coiling around its prey and dragging it to its mouth.[1] Its saliva contains a mild hallucinatory effect that weakens the target.[2]

Nie Li and his friends came across a Netherlamp Behemoth with in the origin barrier that protects the Ten Millennium Spatial Array.[1]

Note: So far we have no information about its type. For now it has been labeled a "Nightmare Type" as it seems appropriate.

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