Nie Wei

Nie Wei

Manhua Chapter 89 p.2

Chinese 聂伟
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Enforcement Elder (former) [1]
Soul Properties
Home Glory City [1]
Family Heavenly Marks

Nie Xiaori (grandson)

Nie Xiaofeng (grandson)
Light Novel Chapter 58 – Genius Class’s Student?
Manhua Chapter 89 - The Enforcing Elder(part 2)

Nie Wei is an elder of the Heavenly Marks Family and grandfather to Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori. He was the Enforcement Elder, responsible with punishing those in the family that did wrong. However, he favors those from his own branch of the family and acts harshly with those from different ones.[1] When his grandson Nie Xiaori hit a member of the Tian Ling Family, all he did was send some gift and not punish him at all.[2]

Nie Wei attempts to publicly shame and harshly punish Nie Li for angering the Sacred Family, but it backfires on him. Nie Hai, the Patriarch, realizes that Nie Li has a strong connection to the Alchemy Association and chooses to side with him instead. When the Alchemy Association director, Yang Xin, suggests that Nie Wei be removed from his position, Nie Hai can not possible refuse.[3]

The position of Enforcement Elder is then given to Nie En, a member of Nie Li's branch of the family. Nie Wei's sons are also removed from their positions of Public Hall In-charge and Farm Hall In-charge, which are given to Nie Li's father and uncle.[3]

Alternate Life

In the past life Nie Wei was particularly harsh on Nie Li. This was mostly out of personal grudges rather then deserved punishment.[1]