Nie Xiaori

Nie Xiaori2

Manhua Chapter 88 p.2

Nie Xiaori

Manhua Chapter 88 p.2

Chinese 聂晓日
Character Information
Age 20 [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank 1 Star Silver
Home Glory City [1]
Family Heavenly Marks

Nie Xiaofeng (brother)

Nie Wei (grandfather)
Light Novel Chapter 57 – Who Killed Them?
Manhua Chapter 88 - Nie Li vs. Deacon Yun Hua (part 2)

Note: Previously the translations had his name written as Nie Xiao Ri. It appears this way in the Manhua.[2]

A member of the Heavenly Marks Family, brother to Nie Xiaofeng, and grandson of Nie Wei. Their branch of the family does not get along with Nie Li's branch.[1] Though there were conflicts between the branches, there was never any serious or malicious fighting between them.[3]

When the three members of the Dark Guild attempted to assassinate Nie Li, it was Nie En, along with Nie Xiaori]] and Nie Xiaofeng, that come to his aid. Nie En chases after the wounded Deacon Yun Hua, but in the end is unable to capture him.[4]

Nie Xiaori bullied Nie Li in the past, however when Nie Li's position in the family rose he never sought any revenge. Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori both recognized that their actions against him were wrong and lowered their head to ask Nie Li for forgiveness. Nie Li not only accepted their apology, he also gave them some elixirs.[3]

He is one of the few people that knows Nie Li is a silver rank demon spiritualist as he saw him transform into the Fanged Panda.[3] He is a 1 star fighter.[5]

Alternate Life

Because their branches in the family never got along he and his brother bullied Nie Li.[1]

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