These are the ranks used to describe the strength of a cultivator, including demon beasts. The same ranks are used no matter the type of cultivation method, though sometimes the names are slightly different.

It can be inferred from context that the Sage Emperor that Nie Li refers to from his previous life was most likely at a currently unknown, higher rank of Cultivation.[1] He also states that someone of this rank could live to be two to three hundred years old, but immortality is still not possible.[2]

Beyond legend rank is the Heavenly Fate Realm. Previously Nie Li did not believe that humans of this world could reach the Heavenly Fate Realm, only demon beasts. However, he later learned that one could break into this realm by cultivating a law and becoming a Spiritual God.[3] In this way they merge with a law from the heavens and earth. Even if their physical body is destroyed and their Divine Spark scattered. As long as the heavens and earth still exist they would be immortal.[4]

Realm Levels Notes
Bronze (青铜)

1 Star

Each level is 100 soul force.

Also called Bronze Obsidian (Heavenly Fate Plateau[5])

2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star
Silver (白银)

1 Star

Each level is 1,000 soul force.[6]

Also called Silver Obsidian (Heavenly Fate Plateau[5])

2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star
Gold (黄金)

1 Star

Most likely each level is 10,000 soul force.

Also called Gold Obsidian (Heavenly Fate Plateau[5])

2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star
Black Gold (黑金)

1 Star

Most likely each level is 100,000 soul force.

Also called Black Obsidian (Heavenly Fate Plateau[5])

2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star
Legend (传奇)


Earthen Fate (地命结)

Note: It is unclear if Earthen Fate is the same as Legend rank[7] or includes all ranks below Heavenly Fate.[8]

1 Star

Most likely each level is 1,000,000 soul force.
2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star A Demigod is a legend rank expert in the Divine Continent that has cultivated the Power of Law and reached the highest point. In this world, they can not go higher unless they are able to become a Spiritual God.[9]
Heavenly Fate (天命) [10] 1 Fate Spiritual Gods are only found in the Divine Continent. They can have some of the abilities found in the Heavenly Fate realm, but are extremely limited. [9] They are at most equivalent to a 1 - 3 Fate rank.[10]
2 Fate
3 Fate
4 Fate Each level into the Heavenly Fate Realm is marked with the creation of a Fate Soul.
5 Fate
6 Fate
7 Fate
8 Fate
9 Fate
Heavenly Star (天星) [10] 1-9 Stages Each of these stages is marked by the formation of a Fate Star within the Fate Souls.[11]
Heavenly Axis (天转) [10] 1-9 Stages
Dao of Dragon (龙道) [10] 1-9 Stages Once an expert reaches the Dao of Dragon Realm, their nine Fate Souls condense to become one.[12]
Martial Ancestor (武宗) [10] 1-9 Stages Upon reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, the physical body rots away and their spirit uniting. This also means that a Martial Ancestor Realm expert’s soul and body are one and the same. If their soul burns, they cease to exist.[13]
Deity [14]
Emperor [15]
Supreme Experts from a world above the Draconic Ruins Realm.

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