This is a type of elixir that is refined using alchemy. The raw materials needed for these tend to be very expensive because it is used to recover a person health after an injury. This types of elixirs also treat poisons. During the Sacred Empire Era there were many different types of recovery pills, but Glory City lost most of the formulas during the Age of Darkness. When Nie Li joins the Alchemy Association he brings many of these lost formulas back.[1]

Types of Recovery Pills:

  • Nine Transformation Pills - A high level recovery pill. From the Sacred Empire Era, its formula was lost and only recently rediscovered by Nie Li. It can save many lives as it can bring someone back from near fatal injuries.[1]
  • Spirit Pacifying Pill - A mind clearing elixir that are need to go against hallucinatory-type demon beasts.[2]
  • Detoxifying Spirit Pill - An antidote elixir for poison-type demon beast.[2]

Note: The Light novel does not come right out and say what the Spirit Pacifying Pill and Detoxifying Spirit Pill do. However, Director Yang Xin asks for elixirs for fighting hallucinatory and poison type demon beasts and the names appear to match up.

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