Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Holy Empire Era".[1]

An era before the Age of Darkness, named after the largest Empire of that time.[2] The Ancient Orchid City Ruins in the St. Ancestral Mountain Range are from this time period.[3] One of the most mysterious rulers from this age was Emperor Kong Ming.[4]

During this time there was a strong belief in numerology as described in the Sacred Empire's "Book of Numerology." According to it everyone's fate has something that will benefit and harm them. This fact is one of the things that Nie Li used to find Kong Ming's Tomb in the underground palace.[4]

Many of the most powerful lost elixirs are from this era. Previously the refining process for these was lost, but Nie Li returned them to the Alchemy Association.[5]

The Shadow Devil Spirit Lamps were most likely formed during this time.[6]

The came after the fall of the Sacred Empire, but was most likely destroyed within a short time due to the demon beast riot.TDG】Chapter 105 – Cause] </ref>

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