This is a very powerful, high ranking flying demon beast that has some dragon lineage. This gives it a very powerful flame breath attack.[1] Its demon spirit is worth about 2 million demon spirit coins.[2]

Shen Xiao has this as his demon spirit during his fight with Nie Li in the younger generation tournament, however before his fight he consumes two demon spirit strengthening pills. This gives his demon spirit a temporary boast but it will also forever cripple his Scarlet Dragon Eagle. He does this under Shen Ming's orders so as to guarantee a win.[2]

While fused with this demon spirit he grows pair of huge wings on his back and can fly. He also can use flame attacks such as the Scarlet Dragon Burst, which causes a pillar of flame to burst out of his mouth.[1] He also can use Sacred Dragon Pillar, which causes a wide pillar of flame to descend from the sky.[3]

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