Shen Ning

Shen Ning

Manhua Chapter 98 p.2

Shen Ning Transformed

Manhua Chapter 103 p.2

Chinese 沈宁
Character Information
Age 20 [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 5 Star Silver [1]
Demon Spirit/s Scared Scarlet Bear [2]
Family Sacred [1]
Light Novel Chapter 77 – Tournament
Manhua Chapter 98 – Apology (part 2)

A member of one of the branches in the Sacred Family. He is one of the strongest Demon Spiritualist in the younger generation and was one of the three people that participated in the younger generation tournament against Nie Li.[3]

During the tournament he fought in the second round against Nie Li with a bet of 100 million demon spirit coins. He immediately merged with his Scared Scarlet Bear demon spirit and started attacking with a ranged flame meteor attack. It appeared that Nie Li was desperately running from his attacks, however no matter what he did Shen Ning could not hit him.[2]

In a final attack, he leapt into the air in order to use the extra momentum to hit Nie Li with a powerful attack However, Nie Li activated the Gravity Field ability of his Fanged Panda, this made the gravity effecting Shen Ning many times greater and caused him to plummet roughly to the ground. Though initially the crowd thought it to be an extremely strong attack by Shen Ning, after the dust settled they only found him to be gravely injured and unconscious. Once again, this was seen as a lucky win by Nie Li since the activation of Gravity Field is not obvious except by those in its range.[4]

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