Shen Xiao

Shen Xiao

Manhua Chapter 98 p.2

Shen Xiao transformed

Manhua Chapter 105 p.2

Chinese 沈啸
Character Information
Age 23 [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank 1 Star Gold [1]
Demon Spirit/s Scarlet Dragon Eagle [2]
Family Sacred [1]
Light Novel Chapter 77 – Tournament
Manhua Chapter 98 – Apology (part 2)

A member of one of the branches in the Sacred Family. He is one of the strongest Demon Spiritualist in the younger generation and was one of the three people that participated in the younger generation tournament against Nie Li.[3]

Shen Xiao fought in the third round against Nie Li with a bet of 300 million demon spirit coins. Shen Ming did not want to take any chances and ordered him to eat two Demon Spirit Strengthening Pills. These elixirs will forever cripple his Scarlet Dragon Eagle, but with such high stakes Shen Ming is not willing to leave things to chance.[4]

Now that Nie Li was no longer hiding his abilities, he fought Shen Xiao straight on, displaying his true power. Shen Xiao started the fight with a powerful flame breath attack, but Nie Li countered with his yin yang blast. This surprised everyone as the attack actually pushed Shen Xiao back. As they continued to fight both the spectators and Shen Xiao could tell how great Nie Li's skill actually is.[5] Shen Xiao is knocked unconscious when Nie Li slips past a large flame pillar and slams him into the ground with at thunder strike.[6]