Shen Yan
Chinese 沈炎
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Gender Male [1]
Profession Sacred Family Elder [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank Black Gold [1]
Family Sacred [1]
Light Novel Chapter 176 – Monster!

A black gold rank expert and member of the Sacred Family. He was accompanied Shen Xiu to confront the Winged Dragon Family at the meeting of Glory City's experts. Shen Hong was curious about the man standing with Nie Li and wished them to gauge his strength.[1]

After Shen Xiu provokes him, Nie Li orders Duan Jian to beat her and throw her out. She quickly back up until she is behind Shen Yan so that he can protect her. Shen Yan is surprised to discover that Duan Jian is a black gold rank and does not hesitate to use his own personal unique combat ability to increase his strength. He grabs Duan Jian's arm with a power that should have broken his arm, but got no reaction. Seeing that, he decided to use the Sacred Family's Flaming Palm combat ability. This is a very vicious attack that is known for permanently damaging its victims. However, much to his surprise, the attack did no damage.[1]

While he was stunned, Duan Jian grabbed his arm and levied a heavy kick against his abdomen, defeating him in one strike.[2]

Abilities Name Notes
Sacred Family Combat Technique Flaming Palm This technique produces an intense heat which is focused on the palm of ones hand. The attack is very vicious and has been known to easily melt steel.[2]