Sikong Jue

Sikong Jue

Manhua Chapter 160 p.2

Chinese 司空绝
Character Information
Age middle age


Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank 5 Star Gold [1]
Home Abyss Prison Realm [1]
Family Silver Winged [1]
Light Novel Chapter 147 - Raging flames of the Black Dragon
Manhua Chapter 160 - Setting Off (part 2)

Sikong Jue is a member of the Silver Winged Family and was chosen by Sikong Yi to escort Nie Li and Duan Jian. He is a 5 star gold rank and among the five gold rank experts that went, he was selected as the leader. Because of this it is he that carries the Stones of Light that are needed to activate the teleportation array, within his Interspatial Ring. As with the other members of the family he shows no sympathy or kindness to Duan Jian and even threatens and insults his mother before the trip begins.[2]

After going a short distance from the village, Sikong Jue and the other experts are already exhausted from fighting the endless Scarlet Ghosts.[2] Nie Li decides that this is the best time to attack and tells Duan Jian to take his revenge. He doesn't have to be told twice and quickly kills the other four gold rank experts with a few punches.[3]

Sikong Jue tries to escape, but is blocked by Nie Li. In desperation he swallows six Blood Crystals in hopes that the surge in power will save him. Even still, Duan Jian kills him with a black flame attack called. "Raging flames of the Black Dragon."[3]