Manhua Variant: Name is changed to "Soul Power Strength."[1]

This is a quantitative number that is representative of the strength and level of a demon spiritualist's soul realm. It appears that every 100 units of soul force translates to a level, and 500 units reaches the next rank.[2]

The soul force can be measured with a soul crystal. When soul force is injected into a soul crystal, speckles of light will form. Each of the speckles represents one soul force.[3] Unused soul crystals are more sensitive and accurate. Not only can they determine the soul force but also the soul realm's form and attribute. However, soul crystals will have interference once when they are used more than once.[4]

Another way of examining the soul realm is through using another person's soul force to examine the body, but even examining once uses up large amount of soul force.[5] Even without using a technique, one can use their soul force to bombard another's soul realm directly. These types of uses are referred to as Secret Soul Techniques.[6] If the soul force that is attacking is much larger then the one defending it can result in the defender's soul realm being destroyed. Without the soul realm cultivation of soul force is not possible, this completely cripples the person.[7]

Soul force

Manhua Chapter 21

Soul Force Rank Soul Force


0 - 100 Apprentice 100
101 - 200 1 Star Bronze[8] 100
201 - 300 2 Star Bronze 100
301 - 400 3 Star Bronze 100
401 - 500 4 Star Bronze 100
501 - 600 5 Star Bronze 100
601 - 1300 1 Star Silver[2] 1000?
2000 - 2 Star Silver[9]

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