This is a test used to judge a person's control over Soul Force or Law Energy. The spheres resemble a water ball with fine threads running through them. They can be expanded by injecting Soul Force or Law Energy along the threads inside. If you stray from the threads, the water spheres will explode. However, the threads that a visible in the spheres are not the real ones. Instead, one must find the threads by sensing them.[1]

The Sphere of Reverse Images was the first test used in the Lord of Nether's Disciple Selection to harmlessly eliminate the majority of participates. Only a few thousand of the hundreds of thousands that originally entered the seventh layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands pass.[1]

Name Result


Demon Lord 7 feet
Xiao Ning'er 5 feet
Ye Ziyun 5 feet
Du Ze 5 feet
Duan Jian 4 feet
Cang Ming 3 feet
Hua Huo 3 feet
Zhu Xiangjun 3 feet
Zhang Ming 3 feet
Wei Nan 3 feet
Xiao Xue 3 feet
Nie Li 2 feet This is not accurate, as he is hiding his true skill.
Lu Piao 2 feet
Mu Ye 1 foot This is not accurate, as he is hiding his true skill.

Alternate Life

Nie Li played around with Sphere of Reversed Images numerous times back in his previous life. Although he couldn’t bring his strength over from his previous life, some skills regarding the control over energy were still in his memory. His control wasn’t something that an ordinary person could compare with.