Spiritual Flames are formed by a cultivator with a strong comprehension of states and resemble a white flame on their palm. Those that can create stronger Spiritual Flames before breaking into the Heavenly Fate Realm can create a stronger Fate Soul.[1]

One of the first things things that Nie Li and Lu Piao are taught in the Skysoul Institute is how to cultivate Spiritual Flames. In order to create a Spiritual Flame they must let their Soul Realm reach the Anatta Mental State, then gather their intent onto their palm.[1]

Spiritual Flames in the Genius Class:

Name Largest Size (Nail x5, Pea x7)
Venerable Redsoul (teacher example) Fist
Long Yuyin Nail
Jin Yan Pea
Nie Li Nail
Wang Yang None
Lu Piao None

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