Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword

Manhua Chapter 144 p.2

A divine sword sealed within the Heavenly Sacred Border at the Holy Orchid Institute. The sword is vicious and blood thirsty, constantly releasing a powerful murderous aura. It has been used to kill tens of millions of demon beasts and, in the process absorbed thousands of demon spirits, forming its own sword soul.[1] It must be subdued, but if one is careless for a moment it will strike back at them. It originally was wielded by the Thunder Spiritual God and was lost when he died. Even he had difficulty controlling it. The sword was forged from a meteor, and isn’t something that belongs to this world.[2]

The previous wielder of the sword was the legend rank founder of Glory City, Sheng Mu, who was later killed because of the sword.[3]

The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword has a lighting attribute. Because Sheng Mu practiced Lightning attribute cultivating techniques he was able to change his physique into a lightning body. This is what allowed him to subdue the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, however it also caused irreversible harm to his soul realm, resulting at an early death.[4]

Instead of adapting to the swords nature, Nie Li was able to crush and bind the demon spirits within the sword to his soul force. This changed their nature to match him. Using this method he was able to subdue the powerful method as only a silver rank demon spiritualist.[4] Originally Ye Yan's soul had been bound to the sword, but after Nie Li claimed it his soul was instead bound to a bird form soul puppet.[4]

Nie Li can guess that the material that the sword is made out of is not from this world. Though he can not fully use all of its abilities, he is able to direct some lightning attacks with it.[5]

While using the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword reacted and formed a Soul Array between Nie Li and his friends.[6]

After Nie Li acquired the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting he placed the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword inside it as the space was able to nourish and strengthen other divine artifacts.[7]

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