One of the seven noble families of Glory City. They are on the decline due to them falling into a trap of the Sacred Family. This caused them to lose 80% of the family property resulting in them having no choice but to attach themselves to the Sacred Family. The Winged Dragon Family has become the weakest of all the noble family.[1]

In the ancestral teachings of the Winged Dragon Family, no matter when is it, the status of martial genius in the family is extremely high. If there is any cyan or azure soul realm, the family would have spared no effort to nurture them and their position in the family was very important. Once the family confirmed that a certain young generation member is a genius, then the whole family would have to pave the way for this genius at all cost. When Xiao Ning'er displayed an ability to use soul forming at only bronze rank, her position in the family raised drastically. She would also most likely be freed of the potential arranged marriage to Sacred family's Shen Fei.[2]

Winged Dragon Family

Manhua Chapter 39

Winged Dragon Family Donghua

Donghua Episode 24

Family Members:

Name Family Positions Notes
Xiao Ning'er Sole Direct Descendant[3] Student at Holy Orchid Institute
Xiao Yunfeng Xiao Ning'er's Father, House Master[3] Struggling to hold power
Xiao Yi Xiao Yunfeng's Cousin, House Elder[3] Wishes to grab the House Master position
5 unnamed Elders Xiao Yunfeng's Cousin, House Elder[3]

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