Wu Man
Chinese 巫蛮
Character Information
Age Middle Age [1]
Tribe Wugui [1]
Gender Male [1]
Soul Properties
Fighter Rank 5 Star Legend [1]
Home Nether Realm [1]
Family Wugui Family [1]
Light Novel Chapter 212 – Wu Man

A high ranking member of the Wugui Family from Blackrock City in the Nether Realm. He has reached the top of legend rank and is not far from becoming a Demigod. He also cultivates the Power of Law.[1]

He is the leader of the experts that travel to Glory City for the purpose of claiming it. When he arrives he first thinks that Glory City will be easy pickings, but then he is directly confronted by Ye Mo. He is able to gather an aura of darkness and turn it into a black sword. However his attack was weaker then Ye Mo.[1]

Dispute the fact that Ye Mo was stronger, he was only one person, so Wu Man ordered the rest of the scouting party to attack him.[1] He is then bound in ice by Ye Mo and takes a direct strike that greatly injures him, forcing him to retreat from the battle.[2]

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