Xiao Wu
Chinese 萧武
Character Information
Age Elder [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Hair White [1]
Soul Properties
Home Heavenly Fate Plateau (former)

Glory City

Family Xiao Kuang (son)
Light Novel Chapter 193 – Towards the Black Spring?

The tribal chief of the Heavenly Fate Plateau and Xiao Kuang's father. He leads a group along with his son into the wilderness of the Heavenly Fate Plateau to look for Nie Li. After hearing about the amazing young man from his so he wished to meet him. However, they instead came across the remains Xiao Lang and the dead thug. Xiao Wu was able to observe the footprints and damage to the surrounding to guess that he was killed in only two strikes.[3] Though he can guess that it was a Demon Spiritualist, he does not know if it was Nie Li or another.[4]

They follow the tracks until they reach the path to the Black Spring. This place has been forbidden for hundreds of years and they would never dare to follow. Xiao Wu tells Xiao Kuang to wait here for two days to see if Nie Li returns.[4]

When Nie Li did not reappear Xiao Wu feared the worse, that he had died in the Black Spring. Without knowing he is safe Xiao Wu can not risk going to Glory City.[5] When Nie Li was seen in the market, Xiao Wu was relieved of his fear and could now consider visiting Glory City.[6]