Yan Hao
Character Information
Age Young Adult [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Male [1]
Personality antagonistic, overbearing
Profession Skysoul Institute Student [1]
Soul Properties
Spiritualist Rank Heavenly Fate Realm [1]
Home Draconic Ruins Realm [1]
Sect Divine Feathers Sect [1]
Loves Huang Ying
Rival Xiao Yu
Light Novel Chapter 268 – Ying’er

Another student in the Skysoul Institute. He appears to have interest in Huang Ying, but she does not care much for him.[1] He is mostly motivated by her fathers high position as elder.[2] Since she has a crush on Xiao Yu, he comes looking for her in his courtyard and meets Nie Li and Lu Piao. He comes off as antagonistic and overbearing, even going so far as to threaten Nie Li and Lu Piao to convince them to separate from Xiao Yu. It appears that, like Hua Ling, he feels very threatened by Xiao Yu.[1]

When Xiao Yu arrives Huang Ying starts to blush and appears infatuated with him, despite the fact the Xiao Yu largely ignores her. As he is attempting to get her and Yan Hao to leave a couple of other Xiao Yu fan-girls arrive. This causes Yan Hao's jealousy and anger to grow, as Xiao Yu's "pretty boy" looks and cold, detached attitude seems to attract many of the girls with strong social standing.[2]

Since he saw Xiao Yu as a threat, he had others keep an eye on him. Because of this he heard almost immediately when Xiao Yu entered the Saint Soul Grounds and that Huang Ying had followed.[3] After reaching the Saint Soul Board, he was enraged to find that Xiao Yu had unexpectedly been able to not only place in the ranking, but pass him up.[4] When he saw Xiao Yu reach eleventh on the ranking board he was stunned. This deeply effected him as he had never saw Xiao Yu as anything more then a pretty face.[5]

When he entered the Saint Soul Grounds he found Huang Ying on the 56th step watching Xaio Yu. In a jealous moment he attempted to force his way up to a higher step then his Soul Realm could take and suffered injuries as he was hit with a recoil.[6]