This younger generation tournament was is hosted by one of the Major families once every few years. The amount of people that they invited would be at least a third of all the powerful families in Glory City. Each participating family would choose the three most talented members of the younger generation to enter.[1] There is also a lot of betting that goes on during the tournament and the hosting family typically acts as the banker.[2]

The current tournament is being hosted by the Sacred Family, so the Snow Wind Family and the Divine Family will not participate.[3] The Heavenly Marks Family is invited to the tournament, but they fear that the Sacred Family wants to use the tournament has a way to get revenge, so they invite Yang Xin and the Alchemy Association to witness the tournament as a way of keeping the Sacred Family in-line.[1]

Fight Winner Bet (demon spirit coins)
Shen Fei vs Nie Li Nie Li 50,000,000
Shen Ning vs Nie Li Nie Li 100,000,000
Shen Xiao vs Nie Li Nie Li 300,000,000

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